“Lynn” Chien-Hui CHIU

> Who am I ? ► link to a short CV

I am a postdoc fellow under the ERC project “Immunity, Development and the Microbiota (IDEM): Understanding the Continuous Construction of Biological Identity” led by Thomas Pradeu.

Here is my website: https://lynnchiuphil.wordpress.com/

> My Post-Doc Project

My current work concerns the theoretical impact of host-microorganism symbiotic relations on internalist and externalist assumptions in immunology and the Modern Synthesis.

> Publications

Chiu, L., and Gilbert, S.F. (2015). The Birth of the Holobiont: Multi-species Birthing Through Mutual Scaffolding and Niche Construction. Biosemiotics 1–20. Biosemiotic Achievement of the Year 2015 Award

> E-mail me here : lchiu@immuconcept.org

> Online profiles :

Academia.edu: https://u-bordeaux2.academia.edu/LynnChiu

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lynn_Chiu