Our lab regroup most investigators involved in medical research, teaching of immunology and technical services on the Bordeaux campus.


Several members of our lab are physicians in Medicine fields involving immunological or immunology-related physiopathologies.

  • Following are few examples of translation of the research activity of ImmunoConcEpT to clinical research and patient care :

  • – The Immunology Clinical Research Laboratory (GRIC)
  • – Aquitaine’s Care and Research Organisation for Inflammatory and Immune-Mediated diseases (ACRONIM)
  • – The Quanti-HLAB project


Several members of our lab are involved in theorical teaching of Immunology

We teach Immunology at the following levels:
– Master degree (1rst and 2nd years) “Microbiology & Immunology”
– Bachelor degree (Licence) in “Life Sciences”
– Medicine & Pharmacy Schools
– L’Université du Temps Libre (Bordeaux)

PhD students of the following programs are/have been trained in our lab:
– Bordeaux Life Sciences School
– EviMalar FP7 program


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Members of the Immuno ConcEpT lab are in charge of the following technological platformes related to the UMS (Unité Mixte de Services) TransBio-Med:

Flow cytometry Facility

We created in 2005 a flow cytometry facility hosted by FR TransBioMed (http://www.tbmcore.u-bordeaux.fr/cytometrie-en-flux-avec-trieur-de-cellules/) which is instrumental for all our projects.It comprises three cell analyzers (BD FACS Canto I, FACS Canto II and FACS Fortessa) and one cell sorter (BD FACS Aria). Two analyzers are equipped with High Throuput Modules.The facility is scientifically directed by Julie Déchanet-Merville, technically supervised by Vincent Pitard (IRHC, UBx) and technically operated by Santiago Gonzales and Valérie De Luca (TCN CNRS) whose work time is fully dedicated to the facility.

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pcrqqPCR core


The qPCR core, hosted by the FR TransBioMed was built by former and present members of Immuno ConcEpT.

Equipements : Tissue Lyser Qiagen, mDrop Denovix,  Bioanalyser Tape Station Agilent, Robot EpMotion 5073 Eppendorf, CFX 96 and 384 puits BioRad, StepOne plus 96 puits Applied, Module High Resolution Melting BioRad, qbase plus software.

For further information contact Xavier Gauthereau (technical manager) and Myriam Capone (Chief scientist)

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Cell culture & Hybridoma production


Immuno ConcEpT masters the cell culture techniques applied to Immunology. If you are interested in producing an hybridoma, please contact our Engineer Vincent Pitard (IRHC, UBx).


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Internships / stages

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Post Doc position

in Philosophy of Biology
and/or Philosophy of Medicine
and/or Conceptual/theoretical Biology

Post Doc

Thomas Pradeu is looking for one postdoc to work on `` immune system and the organism``


PhD position

in Philosophy of Biology
and/or Philosophy of Medicine
and/or Conceptual/theoretical Biology

PhD position

Thomas Pradeu is looking for a PhD student to work on the ``immune system and the organism``