The latest Gamma-delta T cell paper is online!

Characterization of a unique γδ T cell subset as a specific marker of CMV infection severity Abstract Cytomegalovirus is a major infectious cause of mortality and morbidity following transplantation. We have previously demonstrated that the tissue-associated adaptive Vδ2neg γδ T-cells are key effectors responding to CMV and associated to recovery, contrasting with their innate-like circulating… Read more »

Post Doctoral position in Immunology: Sisirak’s group

Vanja Sisirak is currently inviting applications from enthusiastic postdoctoral candidates to join his team to study how the immune system controls tumor development. The position is supported by the funding from the Siric BRIO program and is available for a 12-month period starting on September 2020, with the possibility for extension. Further information available here…. Read more »

Marie-Elise Truchetet à l’initiative de la COVID-School

Le projet COVID-School propose un support pédagogique pour l’allègement du confinement dans les établissements scolaires. Portrait du Dr. Marie-Elise Truchetet, à l’initiative de ce projet, sur le compte Twitter de la ville de Bordeaux. Plus d’infos surCOVID-School ici et là. COVID-School est coordonné par la plateforme Ville-Hopital du CHU de Bordeaux, en collaboration avec le… Read more »

COVID-19: ImmunoConcEpT is proud of its students

Many of our Master and PhD students (Arthur Lacapère, Damien Leleu, Florent Guerville, Florent Peyraud, Gaël Galli, Hadrien Golhen, Hannah Kaminski, Laura Barthod, Marie-Caroline Haudiquet) in the lab have been involved in different tasks launched during the COVID-19 crisis: -The “city-hospital”call platform to respond to general practitioners (plateforme VILLHOP) -SARS-CoV-2 testing in care homes and… Read more »

Latest Dnase1L3 paper in Immunity

Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and Type I Interferon Promote Extrafollicular B Cell Responses to Extracellular Self-DNA The latest work of Vanja Sisirak together with Boris Reizis identifying how plasmacytoid dendritic cells and type I Interferons promote extra follicular B cell responses to extracellular self-DNA in Dnase1L3 deficient mice and consequently exacerbate lupus pathogenesis. See the article… Read more »

Jonathan Visentin awarded by an EU’s Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Global Fellowship

A project led by a young, tenured solid organ transplant (SOT) researcher from ImmunoConcEpT laboratory, Dr. Jonathan Visentin, has been awarded by an EU’s Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Global Fellowship (MSCA-GF). This 3 year project is called “DABAT” (DNA-sensing by AIM2 in activated B cells: novel targets to improve Allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell Transplantation, grant number… Read more »

Covid-19: éclairages sur les aspects scientifiques par Mael Lemoine

“Comme à la fac” : une série de séquences vidéos animées par Maël Lemoine, en collaboration avec le Groupe Pasteur Mutualité sont disponibles sur Youtube: #1 :Covid-19 / Les scénarios de sorties de crise : l’atténuation #2 : Les scénarios de sorties de crise : l’endiguement #3 : Les traitements du Covid-19 : pourquoi il… Read more »

Latest paper in CMV and cancer

Uncovering the Anticancer Potential of Murine Cytomegalovirus against Human Colon Cancer Cells. Massara Layal, Khairallah Camille, Yared Nathalie, Pitard Vincent, Rousseau Benoit, Izotte Julien, Giese Alban, Dubus Pierre, Gauthereau Xavier, Déchanet-Merville Julie, Capone Myriam. Molecular Therapy Oncolytics Abstract Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) components are often found in tumors, but the precise relationship between HCMV and cancer… Read more »

23-24/mars: BD-BRIO: regards sur la recherche sur le cancer à Bordeaux

Bright Days with BRIO – 23 et 24 mars – Palais de la Bourse, Bordeaux Les journées scientifiques de BRIO « Bright Days with BRIO » auront lieu lundi 23 et mardi 24 et proposent des regards croisés sur les spécificités bordelaises en matière de recherche sur le cancer, entre recherche clinique, fondamentale, translationnelle et épidémiologique. Une… Read more »

Position as Associate Professor: Philosophy of medicine, Philosophy of biology / Philosophy of Science

Position as Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux AOS: Philosophy of medicine, Philosophy of biology AOC: Philosophy of Science University of Bordeaux (France) Deadline for application: March 9, 2020. Application: Short description of the job profile Candidates will have developed an expertise in any topic of medical science (e.g. a disease, a method,… Read more »