Redrawing therapeutic boundaries: microbiota and cancer

  byJonathanSholl, Gregory D.Sepich-Poore, RobKnight & ThomasPradeu Published: November 26, 2021 in Trends in Cancer Summary The unexpected roles of the microbiota in cancer challenge explanations of carcinogenesis that focus on tumor-intrinsic properties. Most tumors contain bacteria and viruses, and the host’s proximal and distal microbiota influence both cancer incidence and therapeutic responsiveness. Continuing… Read more »

ImmunoConcEpt laureates Part III: Corentin Le Saos-Patrinos

Corentin Le Saos-Patrinos’s talk selected as the best oral communication, at the Scientific Day of the Departement Sciences Biologiques et Médicales. Bordeaux December 2nd, 2021. More infos about the SBM Dept here. @DepartementSBM

ImmunoConcEpt laureates Part II: Domitile Chalopin @EMBL

Domitile Chalopin, post-doc in the group of Maya Saleh, will be a SPEAKER and SESSION CHAIR at the “EMBL Cancer Genomics Symposium”: Congratulations!

ImmunoConcEpt laureates Part I: Domitile & Julie

Domitile Chalopin and Julie Giraud, both post-docs in the group of Maya Saleh, were awarded for the Best Poster at the 4th symposium of the network on monocytes – macrophages – microglia. Bordeaux November 26th, 2021. More infos about the symposium here.

One more gamma-delta T cell paper!

mTOR inhibitors prevent CMV infection through the restoration of functional αβ and γδ T cells in kidney transplantation Hannah Kaminski, Gabriel Marseres, Nathalie Yared, Marie-Julie Nokin, Katarzyna Hooks, Vincent Pitard, Audrey Tarricone, Atika Zouine, Isabelle Garrigue, Séverine Loizon, Myriam Capone, Xavier Gauthereau, Maria Mamani-Matsuda, Raoul Duran, Benoît Pinson, Isabelle Pellegrin, Rodolphe Thiébaut, Lionel Couzi, Pierre… Read more »

Immunological exhaustion: How to make a disparate concept operational?

  by Hannah Kaminski, Maël Lemoine, Thomas Pradeu Published: September 23, 2021in PLoS PATHOGENS Author summary In this essay, we have written a critical review on immunological exhaustion. We believe that this widely used concept often remains in fact imprecise because there exist 3 different approaches to exhaustion, namely, in terms of dysfunction, cause,… Read more »

Les ILC2 peuvent-elles jouer un rôle dans la fibrose au cours de la sclérodermie systémique ?

  Réponses en vidéo avec le Pr Marie-Élise TRUCHETET (Rhumatologue au CHU de Bordeaux, UMR CNRS 5164 ImmunoConcept), interviewée par le Pr Eric HACHULLA (Interniste au CHU de Lille et coordonnateur de la filière FAI²R). Interview à voir ici : en lien avec le dernier article de l’équipe sur les ILC2 et la Sclérodermie… Read more »

The latest ILC & Systemic sclerosis paper

Have a look of the shining ILC2 paper in systemic sclerosis ! TGFβ promotes low IL10-producing ILC2 with profibrotic ability involved in skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis Paôline Laurent, Benoit Allard ,Pauline Manicki, Valérie Jolivel, Emeline Levionnois, Mohamed Jeljeli, Pauline Henrot, Julien Izotte, Damien Leleu , Alexis Groppi, Julien Seneschal, Joel Constans, Carlo Chizzolini ,… Read more »

Snifff…. Soutenances de thèse/ PhD defences

Ils nous ont quittés après leur soutenance de Thèses de Doctorat / last PhD defences: Andrea Boizard-Moracchini : 14-10-2021 Nathalie Yared : 19-10-2021 Damien Leleu : 21-10-2021 Elena Rondeau : 02-11-2021

The latest gamma-delta T cell paper

The latest Gamma-delta T cell paper that involves several former students and post-docs of ImmunoConcEpT lab. Congrats for this achievement! Human γδ T cell sensing of AMPK-dependent metabolic tumor reprogramming through TCR recognition of EphA2. Christelle Harly, Stephen Paul Joyce, Charlotte Domblides, Thomas Bachelet, Vincent Pitard, Charlotte Mannat, Angela Pappalardo, Lionel Couzi, Sonia Netzer, Layal Massara, Emilie Obre, Omar Hawchar, Lydia Lartigue, Stéphane Claverol, Carla Cano, Jean-François Moreau, Isabelle Mahouche, Isabelle Soubeyran, Rodrigue… Read more »