T lymphocyte activation in systemic auto immune diseases

We are interested in the functions of T lymphocytes in auto-immune diseases, specially:

Systemic Sclerosis
Rhumatoid Arthritis
Multiple Sclerosis

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Innate immunity and modulation of T cell activation in lupus, systemic sclerosis, rhumatoid arthritis

Head : Patrick Blanco

Microparticles (MPs) are vesicular structures derived from multiple cellular sources, involved in the regulation of inflammation, coagulation and healing processes. Their involvement in the pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases is beginning to be recognized. Lupus and systemic sclerosis are autoimmune diseases sharing common pathophysiological traits: genetic susceptibility factors, platelet activation, interferon-alpha transcriptomic signature, and endothelial cell dysfunction. Moreover, MPs have just been involved in the pathophysiology of both diseases. The purpose of this project is to characterize the utility of MPs as biomarkers as well as their phenotypic and functional specificities in each disease, through a translational project involving patient’s cohorts in vitro experiences and murine models.

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune disease characterized by the fibrosis of different organs including the skin, lungs and gut. Vasculopathy is another primary feature of this rare but severe disease. Both may be linked from a pathogenesis point of view; however, neither the precise nature of the mechanism nor the ensuing therapeutic targets are known. Recent studies have identified interleukin (IL)13 as a key downstream mediator in the development of fibrosis. At the genetic level, genes involved in wound healing and fibrosis are linked to the Th2-associated cytokines IL4, IL5 and IL13. Accordingly, IL13 promotes the differentiation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts and the production of extracellular matrix components such as collagen. Finally, IL13 expression increases in SSc mouse models and in SSc patients.

Abnormalities of endothelial cells are thought to occur very early in the course of the disease. The fact that Raynaud phenomenon often precedes the other symptoms is one of the arguments for this hypothesis. Early intervention on vasculopathy could prevent fibrosis and irreversible damages to happen.

One of our major axis is to find the link between autoimmunity, vascular damages and fibrosis in scleroderma.

Our group:


CD4 T cells in Multiple Sclerosis (ATIP-Avenir)

Head: Nathalie SCHMITT

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system. Our current research aims at understanding how CD4 T cells are promoting multiple sclerosis in human.

The clinical course of MS is highly diverse, yet most MS patients eventually present severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Several therapeutic options are available but no treatment completely stops the progression of the disease.  Notably there is also no treatment effective for the patients with the most aggressive forms of MS. A deeper understanding of the mechanism of the disease progression is therefore essential to develop more efficient treatment strategies. Previous studies suggest that both genetic and environmental factors confer susceptibility to MS. While it is widely accepted that CD4 T cells play a key role in the formation of the lesions in the central nervous system, the nature and functions of the pathogenic CD4 T cells in MS remains largely uncharacterized.

We hypothesize that differences in the type and the functions of CD4 T cells might be associated to differences in the clinical course of MS. The main objective of our research is to define CD4 T cell pathogenicity in MS patients at different clinical stages.

We expect that our study will uncover new therapeutic approaches to treat MS patients, particularly those with the most aggressive forms of the disease.

Multiple Sclerosis group:

> Nathalie SCHMITT : Principal Investigator (CR1, Inserm)
> Adrien DURAN: PhD Student
> Laura MALLEDANT: Master2 Student
> Mélanie NGUYEN KY: PhD Student


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Pascale Jeannin (Université d’Angers)
Eric Vivier (CIML, Marseille)

Hideki Ueno (NYC, USA)