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International Journal of Cancer: Beyond the tumour microenvironment

For decades cancer research had focused exclusively on the tumor. Later the vision was broadend to the tumor microenvironment (TME). Today five researchers – both philosophers and scientists – call for a look beyond the tumor microenvironment. In the minireview they show the crucial importance of the tumor organismal environment (TOE). Find the full article… Read more »

The epigenetics of inflammaging

New review in Seminars in Immunology. A growing amount of evidences indicates that inflammaging – the chronic, low grade inflammation state characteristic of the elderly – is the result of genetic as well as environmental or stochastic factors. In their latest review Christine Nadini, Jean-François Moreau, Noémie Gensous, Francesco Ravaioli, Paolo Garagnani and Maria Giulia… Read more »

Presentation on Lebanon

A “show on Lebanon” by 3 Lebanese students of ImmunoConcept.  

What is philosophy of biology about? New paper in Biology&Philosophy

“Thirty years of Biology & Philosophy: philosophy of which biology?” By Thomas Pradeu, Biology & Philosophy, March 2017 Journal access Final draft   Abstract Which domains of biology do philosophers of biology primarily study? The fact that philosophy of biology has been dominated by an interest for evolutionary biology is widely admitted, but it has… Read more »

PhD & PostDoc positions in immune system and the organism

 One PhD and one post-doc position in Philosophy of Biology and/or Philosophy of Medicine and/or Conceptual/theoretical Biology Thomas Pradeu’s ERC Starting Grant Project Topic: “The role of the immune system in the maintenance and construction of the organism” More information here and here. Application deadline: April 25, 2017.

Paper on ageing and immune mobility just out!

Our paper on immunity, the extracellular matrix, and ageing is out in Ageing Research Reviews: The emerging role of ECM crosslinking in T cell mobility as a hallmark of immunosenescence in humans. (Open Access) Moreau JF, Pradeu T, Grignolio A, Nardini C, Castiglione F, Tieri P, Capri M, Salvioli S, Taupin JL, Garagnani P, Franceschi… Read more »

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