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Special issue on Biological individuality, just out!

Special issue on Biological individuality, edited by Thomas Pradeu, just published in Biology & Philosophy: Biological individuality, Biology & Philosophy, December 2016 Contributions of Lynn Chiu & Gérard Eberl, Ellen Clarke, Scott Gilbert & Alfred Tauber, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Matt Haber, Thomas Pradeu, David Queller & Joan Strassmann, and Derek Skillings.

Paper on ageing and immune mobility just out!

Our paper on immunity, the extracellular matrix, and ageing is out in Ageing Research Reviews: The emerging role of ECM crosslinking in T cell mobility as a hallmark of immunosenescence in humans. (Open Access) Moreau JF, Pradeu T, Grignolio A, Nardini C, Castiglione F, Tieri P, Capri M, Salvioli S, Taupin JL, Garagnani P, Franceschi… Read more »