COVID-19: ImmunoConcEpT is proud of its students

Many of our Master and PhD students (Arthur Lacapère, Damien Leleu, Florent Guerville, Florent Peyraud, Gaël Galli, Hadrien Golhen, Hannah Kaminski, Laura Barthod, Marie-Caroline Haudiquet) in the lab have been involved in different tasks launched during the COVID-19 crisis:

-The “city-hospital”call platform to respond to general practitioners (plateforme VILLHOP)

-SARS-CoV-2 testing in care homes and medical centers for the elderly

-The clinic assay “Coverage”

They were awarded by the Bordeaux Hospital (CHU Bordeaux), on may the 15th:

Several articles have been published and tweeted. As few examples: Sud-Ouest (newspaper), France3 Aquitaine (TV), University of Bordeaux, Biological Sciences Department and the Twitter accounts @CHUBordeaux @yannbubien @charles_cazenav @FlorentPeyraud @rea_hsa

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