DNA sensing by the immune system in health and disease


Our Projects

 Microbial DNA can be detected by multiple innate immune receptors and activate inflammatory responses that are essential for the initiation of antimicrobial immunity. In addition to microbial DNA, innate immune receptors can also detect self-DNA released by dying cells. Recognition of self-DNA may aberrantly stimulate immune responses that can lead to inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases. On the other hand, self-DNA released by tumors activates inflammatory responses that are required for the development of anti-tumor immunity. We have characterized a novel nuclease called DNASE1L3 that degrades self-DNA released by dying cells and prevents the development of autoimmune syndromes such as lupus. Given the  tolerogenic role of DNASE1L3 in disposing of self-DNA and thus limiting its immunogenicity we are exploring how its function in multiple pathological contexts.

Beyond the regulation of self-DNA sensing we have developed projects to investigate the mechanisms that regulate anti-tumor immune responses.

Dr. Dorothée Duluc leads this project, in collaboration with Dr. Edouard Forcade (clinician at Haut-Lévêque hospital). The goal is to understand the role of follicular helper cells in CLL pathogenesis and particularly their implication in CLL tumor growth.

This project is developed in collaboration with Dr. Nathalie Schmitt team at Immunoconcept. The goal is to understand how gut microbiota influence anti-tumor immunity induced by immunotherapies. We are hypothesizing that T cells primed in the gut may be recruited to the tumors site and play a crucial role in the induction of anti-tumor immune response.

This project is developed in collaboration with Dr. David Santamaria and the SIRIC BRIO. The goal is to understand how aging may influence the development of tumors and particularly how aging impact cancer surveillance by the immune system and the efficacy of immunotherapies.

Credits: Marie-Désirée Smith


Our Team

Vanja Sisirak: Principal Investigator (CRCN, CNRS)
Dorothée Duluc – Assistant Professor (MCF, Université de Bordeaux)
Severine Loizon – Research Engineer (IE, CNRS)
Amandine Ferriere – MD/PhD Student
Pauline Santa – PhD Student
Corentin Le Saos Patrinos – PhD Student
Anaïs Roubertie – Master2 student

Former members:
Anne Garreau – Post Doc 2018-2020


Publication list

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Dr. Alexandre Belot, CIRI, and Hospital of Lyon
Dr. Marc Dalod, CIML, Marseille
Dr. Olivier Adotevi, Université Franche Compté
Dr. Lucile Capuron, NeutriNeuro, Bordeaux
Dr. Patrick Blanco, Immunoconcept, Bordeaux
Dr. Thomas Pradeu, Immunoconcept, Bordeaux
Dr. Nathalie Schmittt, Immunoconcept, Bordeaux
Dr. Edouard Forcade, Immunoconcept, Bordeaux
Dr. Maria Mamani Matsuda, Immunoconcept, Bordeaux

Dr. Boris Reisiz, New York University, New York, USA
Dr. Dipyaman Ganguly, CSIR, Kolkata, India