Two new reviews on Dnase1L3 !

The latest reviews of the Vanja Sisirak group on self-nucleic acid sensing!

Self-Nucleic Acid Sensing: A Novel
Crucial Pathway Involved in Obesity-
Mediated Metaflammation and
Metabolic Syndrome

Amandine Ferriere, Pauline Santa, Anne Garreau, Purbita Bandopadhyay, Patrick Blanco, Dipyaman Ganguly and Vanja Sisirak

Paper here !

The Role of Nucleases and Nucleic Acid Editing Enzymes in the Regulation of Self-Nucleic Acid Sensing

Pauline Santa,Anne Garreau, Lee Serpas,Amandine Ferriere,
Patrick Blanco, Chetna Soni and Vanja Sisirak

Paper here !

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