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Nov 26th: Department SBM’s Scientific day

26 November 2019

Journée scientifique du Département Sciences Biologiques et Médicales

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8h30-8h50: Welcome and registration

8h55-9h00: Introduction – Alain-Pierre Gadeau

9h00-10h00: Scientific session #1 (15 min talks + 5 min questions)

(Chairmen: Aksam Merched and Lornella Seeneevassen)

Candice Chapouly  (INSERM U1034) “The gliovascular unit, a tale of two barriers”

Antoine Italiano (INSERM U1218, UNICANCER, Bergonié) “Integrative characterization of undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcomas: biological and clinical implications”

Océane Martin (INSERM U1053) “Role of Nrf2 in gastric carcinogenesis associated with Helicobacter pylori infection”

10h00-10h20: Flash poster presentations

  • Julian BOUTIN (U1035) – « Safety concerns regarding CRISPR-Cas9 editing in red blood cell hereditary diseases »
  • Pauline BOUGARAN (U1034) – «  ROR2 regulates endothelial planar cell polarity and inflammatory profile under flow conditions »
  • Solène FERNANDEZ (U1035) – « Molecular profiling of Midostaurin-resistant leukemic cells using CRISPR-Cas9 screening »
  • Audrey SEMONT (LYRIC) – « Implication of mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species production in cardiomyocyte signaling and cardiac rhythm »
  • Gro ROSLAND (IBGC) – « Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) is associated with attenuation of succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) in breast cancer, through reduced expression of SDHC »

10h20-10h35: Coffee break

10h35-11h15: Poster session (even numbers)

11h15-12h30: Scientific session Young Researcher #2 (10 min talks + 5 min questions)

(Chairwomen: Malak Alannan and Esra Karatas)

  • Nathalie YARED (Umr 5164) – « Memory role of γδ T cells in the immune response against Murine Cytomegalovirus »
  • Sarah GUIMBAL (U1034) – « Mast cells participate in the development of diastolic dysfunction in diabetic obese mice »
  • Nicola MOSCA (U1035) – «LHX2 is a new inhibitor of Wnt signaling and a robust tumor suppressor in adult and pediatric liver cancers»
  • Marie-Julie Nokin (U1218) – « Targeting acquired vulnerabilities in drug resistant BRAFV600E lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) patients. »
  • Pauline JEANJEAN (IMOTION) – «Imaging magnetic hyperthermia for tumor ablation and tumor microenvionment mild hyperthermia»

12h30-14h00: Lunch break

13h30-14h00: Poster session (odd numbers)

14h00-15h00: Keynote

Pr. Christoph Becker-Pauly (University of Kiel, Germany)
“Increased activity of meprin proteases leads to terminal differentiation of keratinocytes and septic shock “.

(Chairman : Aksam Merched)

15h00-16h00: Scientific session #3 (15 min talks + 5 min questions)

(Chairwomen : Marie-Lise Bats and Candice Chapouly )

Thibaud Renault (UMR 5234)
“Engineering bacterial nanomachines for biotechnology”

Thomas Daubon (IBGC)
“Lactate as a Key Metabolite of Glioblastoma Development”

Julien Seneschal (U1035)
“Connecting inflammation to depigmenting disorders”

16h00-16h20: Coffee break

16h20-16h50: Technology session,

XenoFish: Xenopus – Pierre Thiebaut / Zebrafish – Géraldine Siegfried.

Xens Xstrahl Irradiator

16h50-17h30: Scientific session #4 (15 min talks + 5 min questions)

(Chairmen: David Santamaria and Angela Pappalardo)

Sophie Javerzat (U1211) “Phenocopying new mutations for human oculocutaneous albinism in model organisms”

Olivier Mansier (U1034) “A new knock-in mouse model of JAK2V617F myeloproliferative neoplasms : characterization and applications”

17h30 Award winners



Domaine du Haut Carré
Talence, 33400 France


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26 November 2019
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