Ferriere & Sisirak awarded by Fondation UB

Dr. Amandine Ferriere a MD-PhD student together with her mentor Dr. Vanja Sisirak a CNRS researcher at Immunoconcept, were recently awarded a prize from the Fondation Bordeaux Université.


This award will allow them to develop a project that aims at studying immune mechanisms involved in the establishment of metabolic syndromes that are associated with obesity. While adipose tissue inflammation during the course of obesity was shown to contribute to insulin-resistance and ultimately the development of type 2 diabetes, the mechanisms that are responsible of such inflammation remain poorly understood. Therefore Dr. Ferriere and Sisirak plan to study the impact of aberrant DNA sensing by the immune system on the establishment of obesity associated metabolic syndromes with a particular emphasis on extracellular DNAses that are involved in the regulation of self-DNA content and its ability to activate inflammatory immune responses.




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