Postdoc 2018 ERC IDEM

New Postdoctoral position in Philosophy of Biology and/or Philosophy of Medicine and/or Conceptual/Theoretical Biology   Thomas Pradeu’s ERC Starting Grant Project “Immunity, Development, and the Microbiota: Understanding the Continuous Construction of Biological Identity”   The University of Bordeaux and the CNRS seek candidates for a two-year postdoctoral position in Philosophy of Biology and/or Philosophy of… Read more »

CANCELLED: March 28th: Philo&Bio: Carl Craver

Unfortunately, this event is CANCELLED.   Carl Craver Professor of Philosophy, Washington University in Saint Louis “What Is a Person? Episodic Memory and Its Role in Responsible Human Agency”   Abstract: How did nature contrive machines that deserve the status of persons? While there is little consensus on this question as a whole, there is… Read more »

Jan 17th@12h:00: Philo&Bio: Etienne Coutureau

Etienne Coutureau Decision and Adaptation Team, Aquitaine Institute for Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience, UMR5287 Title: “Learning to decide”  Abstract: Decision making is an essential component of our life in a world of increasing social complexity, means for communication, and technological advances. Solving problems and adapting to new situations requires the integration of several basic cognitive… Read more »

Déc 19th: Conference Philippe Sansonetti

Philippe Sansonetti (Institut Pasteur & College de France) Thème : “Humans and their microbiota: an (almost) perfect symbiosis”  More about Philippe Sansonetti here.   Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire auprès de : thomas.pradeu@u-bordeaux.fr

Déc 6th: Philo&Bio Conference: Purificacion Lopez-Garcia

Purificacion Lopez-Garcia Unité d’Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution, CNRS UMR 8079, Université Paris-Sud   Title: Molecular views on the microbial world challenge old misconceptions about biological evolution  Abstract : Life and (biological) evolution are indissoluble. Evolution is the outcome of both, Darwinian processes implying reproduction with variation upon which natural selection acts, and drift. These processes… Read more »

Conference François Duchesneau

François Duchesneau (Professor of Philosophy, University of Montreal, Canada)   Thème : The cell as an elementary organism: from Schwann to Brücke and Kölliker.  Abstract: This presentation is about the way cell physiology (Cellularphysiologie) was born. Indeed, Schwann invented the cell theory in 1839, but his views on the cell were rapidly challenged and transformed…. Read more »

Conference Ezio Laconi

Ezio Laconi Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Calgari   Title : IT TAKES A TISSUE TO MAKE A CANCER   Abstract: Many cancers arise in a background of chronic tissue dysfunction. Furthermore, aging is the strongest risk factor for neoplastic disease and it is characterized by a decreased fitness at cell, tissue and organismal… Read more »

Conférence Ceri Fielding

Ceri Fielding Cardiff University   Investigating Human Cytomegalovirus immune evasion using proteomics Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection results in significant morbidity and mortality in immunocompromised patients and is the major infectious cause of congenital birth defects. HCMV has a major impact on the phenotype of the host’s immune system, including natural killer (NK) cells, and encodes… Read more »

Conference Sara Green

Sara Green (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Thème : Systems Biology: The Future of Medicine?   Abstract: Systems biology is expected to radically shape the future of medicine. In this talk I specifically address the implications of P4 medicine (defined as personalized, predictive, preventive and participatory) that draw on models from systems biology for large-scale integration of… Read more »

Conference Patrick Forterre

Patrick Forterre (Institut Pasteur & Université Paris-Sud) The Concept of Virus and the Definition of Life Abstract: For years, most biologists considered viruses as by-products of biological evolution that could have only played a minor role in the history of the living world. This has gradually changed in recent years as a result of several… Read more »