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Second Philosophy of Cancer Biology Workshop

The call for abstracts is now open for the second international workshop on the Philosophy of Cancer Biology organized by the PhilInBioMed network. More information here: https://www.philinbiomed.org/event/2nd-philosophy-of-cancer-biology-workshop/  

Oct 2nd: Kim Sterelny

Kim Sterelny (Philosophy, ANU, Australia) Title: Demography, Cultural Learning and Cultural Complexity Abstract: There is a lively debate in archaeology and evolutionary anthropology about the connections between social scale, cultural learning, and cultural complexity, as it is reflected in the material record. The idea is that material culture, and especially innovation and accumulation of material… Read more »

NEW Postdoc positions

We are currently accepting new post-doctoral fellows to work on two topics: 1) cancer immunity and immunotherapy; or 2) autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases.   The Maya Saleh laboratory has recently relocated from McGill University in Canada to ImmunoConcEpT Lab at Bordeaux University. These topics have recently been funded by an ARC foundation grant and an… Read more »

International Journal of Cancer: Beyond the tumour microenvironment

For decades cancer research had focused exclusively on the tumor. Later the vision was broadend to the tumor microenvironment (TME). Today five researchers – both philosophers and scientists – call for a look beyond the tumor microenvironment. In the minireview they show the crucial importance of the tumor organismal environment (TOE). Find the full article… Read more »

Save the date : 4-6 décembre 2019

Bordeaux accueillera la 19ème Réunion Annuelle de la Société Francophone de Transplantation du 4 au 6 décembre 2019. Organisateurs: Prs. Lionel Couzi et Pierre Merville. Plus d’infos à venir bientôt. Merci à  Maaya Wakasugi pour le visuel de l’événement.

CRISPR-Cas immunity: beyond nonself and defence

The journal Biology & Philosophy has published a special issue on the philosophy of CRISPR-Cas. Thomas Pradeu has written the introduction and together with Jean-François Moreau he presents a commentary to Eugene Koonin’s target paper. In the commentary Pradeu and Moreau defend an extended view of CRISPR-Cas immunity by arguing that CRISPR-Cas includes, but cannot… Read more »

The epigenetics of inflammaging

New review in Seminars in Immunology. A growing amount of evidences indicates that inflammaging – the chronic, low grade inflammation state characteristic of the elderly – is the result of genetic as well as environmental or stochastic factors. In their latest review Christine Nadini, Jean-François Moreau, Noémie Gensous, Francesco Ravaioli, Paolo Garagnani and Maria Giulia… Read more »