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Dec 5th: Presentation of the Kaluza software

Presentation of the Kaluza software by Beckman Coulter’s engineer Benoit Dupont. Title: “Analyses non-supervisées, utilisation du logiciel « R » et liaison avec le logiciel de réanalyse  Kaluza 2.1.” Programme : 10h00-12h00 : présentation logiciel Kaluza et présentation théorique de l’analyse non- supervisée 10h00-11h00 : Démonstration du logiciel Kaluza : – les bases (exploration de… Read more »

Nov 22-23: First meeting of the PhilInBioMed international network

PhilInBioMed is both an interdisciplinary institute located at the University of Bordeaux, France, and a national and international network connecting groups and people working at the interface between philosophy, biology, and medicine, with the shared conviction that conceptual and philosophical approaches can make a critical contribution to science and medicine. For its first meeting, the… Read more »

The Multiple Layers of the Tumor Environment, new paper by Laplane et al.

If and how a tumor develops, depends in large part on its surroundings. While scientists agree on the importance of the tumor environment (TE), there is no consensus on how to define and spatially delineate it. A new paper by Lucie Laplane, Dorothée Duluc, Nicolas Larmonier, Thomas Pradeu and Andreas Bikfalvi lays out six clearly… Read more »

Welcome !

New members are joining the Conceptual Immunology group: – Adrian Stencel – Gregor Greslehner – Wiebke Bretting and – Jacob Stengenga visiting scholar for few months Welcome home !  

Sept 27th: Lara Keuck

Lara Keuck (Research Scholar at the Department of History at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin). Lara is a visitor of Thomas Pradeu’s group at ImmunoConcept from Sept 24 to Oct 5, 2018. Title : “Borderline cases and effective theories in philosophy of medicine” Abstract: Much of the scholarship in philosophy of medicine has centered on more or… Read more »

Sept 18th: Leila Perié

Leïla Perié (Institut Curie, Paris) Leïla Perié has started in 2015 a junior lab at the Curie Institute in Paris. Her lab is interested in understanding the hematopoietic tree at the single level and combines different experimental and mathematical/computational approaches of lineage tracing to study immune cells and red blood cells production. Barcoding lineage tracing… Read more »

Vanja Sisirak awarded by the American Cancer Research Institute

Dr. Vanja Sisirak from the ImmunoConcEpT laboratory was recently awarded a Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP) grant from the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) (https://www.cancerresearch.org). The CRI is an American foundation based in New York that is providing continuous world wide support in the field of cancer immunotherapy research and clinical trials. The support from… Read more »

Jacob Stegenga, Visiting Scholar in ImmunoConcept lab

Who am I ? I am a University Lecturer in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining Cambridge I taught in the United States and Canada. From October 2018 to March 2019 I will be an IDEX visiting scholar in the group of Thomas Pradeu. My… Read more »