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Immunological exhaustion: How to make a disparate concept operational?

  by Hannah Kaminski, Maël Lemoine, Thomas Pradeu Published: September 23, 2021in PLoS PATHOGENS https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.ppat.1009892 Author summary In this essay, we have written a critical review on immunological exhaustion. We believe that this widely used concept often remains in fact imprecise because there exist 3 different approaches to exhaustion, namely, in terms of dysfunction, cause,… Read more »

The latest ILC & Systemic sclerosis paper

Have a look of the shining ILC2 paper in systemic sclerosis ! TGFβ promotes low IL10-producing ILC2 with profibrotic ability involved in skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis Paôline Laurent, Benoit Allard ,Pauline Manicki, Valérie Jolivel, Emeline Levionnois, Mohamed Jeljeli, Pauline Henrot, Julien Izotte, Damien Leleu , Alexis Groppi, Julien Seneschal, Joel Constans, Carlo Chizzolini ,… Read more »

The latest gamma-delta T cell paper

The latest Gamma-delta T cell paper that involves several former students and post-docs of ImmunoConcEpT lab. Congrats for this achievement! Human γδ T cell sensing of AMPK-dependent metabolic tumor reprogramming through TCR recognition of EphA2. Christelle Harly, Stephen Paul Joyce, Charlotte Domblides, Thomas Bachelet, Vincent Pitard, Charlotte Mannat, Angela Pappalardo, Lionel Couzi, Sonia Netzer, Layal Massara, Emilie Obre, Omar Hawchar, Lydia Lartigue, Stéphane Claverol, Carla Cano, Jean-François Moreau, Isabelle Mahouche, Isabelle Soubeyran, Rodrigue… Read more »

Two honored young researchers of ImmunoConcEpT

To launch his scientific career: Thomas Boyer was ranked #1 of the Doctoral School Competition 2021 (Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé). Thomas’ thesis will start in October 2021, on antitumor immunity, supervised by Nicolas Larmonier. Hannah Kaminski recieved “The Biology and Health” Price of the Graduate Research School (Collège des Ecoles Doctorales)… Read more »

2 post-doc positions available in the Appay’s group

Two postdoctoral positions in Immunology are available at the “Vulnerability and Ageing of the Immune System” group within the ImmunoConcept Laboratory of the Bordeaux University, France under the supervision of Victor Appay. Start and Duration of the appointments: From October 2021 for 2 to 3years Complete information here.

Two new reviews on Dnase1L3 !

The latest reviews of the Vanja Sisirak group on self-nucleic acid sensing! Self-Nucleic Acid Sensing: A NovelCrucial Pathway Involved in Obesity-Mediated Metaflammation andMetabolic Syndrome Amandine Ferriere, Pauline Santa, Anne Garreau, Purbita Bandopadhyay, Patrick Blanco, Dipyaman Ganguly and Vanja Sisirak Paper here ! The Role of Nucleases and Nucleic Acid Editing Enzymes in the Regulation of… Read more »

Internships, Job offers

All opportunities to work with us in ImmunoConcEpT Job offers PhD & Post-Doc positions Interships More info : here.

New open access paper in Nat Rev Immunology: "Constitutive immune mechanisms: mediators of host defence and immune regulation"

By S.Paludan, T.Pradeu, S.Masters & T.Mogensen. Abstract The immune system enables organisms to combat infections and to eliminate endogenous challenges. Immune responses can be evoked through diverse inducible pathways. However, various constitutive mechanisms are also required for immunocompetence. The inducible responses of pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system and antigen-specific receptors of the… Read more »

The latest Gamma-delta T cell paper is online!

Characterization of a unique γδ T cell subset as a specific marker of CMV infection severity Abstract Cytomegalovirus is a major infectious cause of mortality and morbidity following transplantation. We have previously demonstrated that the tissue-associated adaptive Vδ2neg γδ T-cells are key effectors responding to CMV and associated to recovery, contrasting with their innate-like circulating… Read more »

Post Doctoral position in Immunology: Sisirak’s group

Vanja Sisirak is currently inviting applications from enthusiastic postdoctoral candidates to join his team to study how the immune system controls tumor development. The position is supported by the funding from the Siric BRIO program and is available for a 12-month period starting on September 2020, with the possibility for extension. Further information available here…. Read more »