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June 6th: ImmunoSEQ presentation

Title: Applications of Immunosequencing in Biomedical Research Speaker: Patrick Raber, PhD Manager, Research & Business Development Adaptive Biotechnologies  Learn how researchers around the world are using quantitative assessments of the clonality and diversity of T- and B-cell populations to advance their research. Dr. Raber will share recently published data and case studies illustrating the power… Read more »

May 24th: Sabina Leonelli

Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter, UK) “Actionable Data for Precision Oncology: Building Trustworthy Evidence for Exploratory Research and Clinical Diagnostics” Difficulties in managing the enormous amount of relevant data being produced by researchers around the world continue to undermine data-centred discovery and therapeutic development. This is particularly evident when looking for evidence to identify which… Read more »

May 16th: Fridolin Gross

Fridolin Gross (University of Kassel, Germany) “Occam’s Razor in Molecular and Systems Biology” Biologists have been debating for some time about what — if anything — is conceptually novel about systems biology when compared to the ‘classical’ approach of molecular biology. In these debates scientists make use of concepts, such as holism, reductionism, or emergence,… Read more »

Save the date : 4-6 décembre 2019

Bordeaux accueillera la 19ème Réunion Annuelle de la Société Francophone de Transplantation du 4 au 6 décembre 2019. Organisateurs: Prs. Lionel Couzi et Pierre Merville. Plus d’infos à venir bientôt. Merci à  Maaya Wakasugi pour le visuel de l’événement.

CRISPR-Cas immunity: beyond nonself and defence

The journal Biology & Philosophy has published a special issue on the philosophy of CRISPR-Cas. Thomas Pradeu has written the introduction and together with Jean-François Moreau he presents a commentary to Eugene Koonin’s target paper. In the commentary Pradeu and Moreau defend an extended view of CRISPR-Cas immunity by arguing that CRISPR-Cas includes, but cannot… Read more »

The epigenetics of inflammaging

New review in Seminars in Immunology. A growing amount of evidences indicates that inflammaging – the chronic, low grade inflammation state characteristic of the elderly – is the result of genetic as well as environmental or stochastic factors. In their latest review Christine Nadini, Jean-François Moreau, Noémie Gensous, Francesco Ravaioli, Paolo Garagnani and Maria Giulia… Read more »

Ferriere & Sisirak awarded by Fondation UB

Dr. Amandine Ferriere a MD-PhD student together with her mentor Dr. Vanja Sisirak a CNRS researcher at Immunoconcept, were recently awarded a prize from the Fondation Bordeaux Université.   This award will allow them to develop a project that aims at studying immune mechanisms involved in the establishment of metabolic syndromes that are associated with obesity…. Read more »

Maël Lemoine keynote speaker at the Collège de la Santé

On Monday January 28th Maël Lemoine will speak at the Rencontres du Collège des Sciences et de la Santé on “Alternative Medicine: symptom of a disease of the health system.” The talk will be followed by a debate, hosted by Stéphane Vacchiani, journalist at the Sud-Ouest. When: Monday January 28th, 18h30Where: UFR des sciences odontologiques… Read more »