Aurélien BOYANCE

Who am I ? ► link to a short CV
I am a microbiology-immunology student (master degree obtained in 2017, University of Bordeaux).

My projects in Immuno ConcEpT
I performed two internships in ImmunoConcEpT,  in the Déchanet-Merville’s group :

  • – 2 months in 2016 during my 1rst year of Master, under the supervision of Angela Pappalardo. My topic was to study the response of  gamma-delta T cells to a th enews ligand, Annexin A2.
  • – 6 months in 2017 during my 2nd year of master  under the supervision of Maria Mamani Matsuda. The objective of my internship was to challenge the Discontinuity theory, emitted by T.Pradeu, E.Vivier and S.Jaeger. This theory tries to explain with 4 models, the situations leading to immune system activation. For challenging this theory, we work on gamma-delta T lymphocyte as immune responder.

My current project in the university of Toulouse
Since Oct 2017, I’m a PhD student in the group of Olivier Neyrolles.

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