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I am a medical doctor in Pathology and PhD student under the direction of Pr Estibaliz LAZARO.

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My PhD project on chronic histiocytic intervillositis:
Chronic histiocytic intervillositis (CHI) of unknown etiology is a rare placental lesion characterized by an intervillous infiltration of mononuclear inflammatory cells of maternal origin and is associated with fibrin deposits. First described by Labarrere and Mullen in 1987, this entity consists of recurrent lesions and is associated with a poor pregnancy outcome however as yet there is no treatment available, despite anecdotal reports of successful immunomodulatory therapy. The mechanism of origin of these lesions is currently unknown but there are two conflicting theories: for a long time CHI was thought to be a result of infection but more recent hypothesis has focused on an immune conflict between mother and fetal cells.
The goal of this project is to fully characterize the role of immunity on CHI physiopathology.

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Department of Pathology – Fetopathology unit
Bordeaux University Hospital, Pellegrin Hospital, Bordeaux, France