Haouraa KALOUT

Who am I ?
I am a Master 2 student under the direction of Dr.Maria Mamani Matsuda

> My projects in Immuno ConcEpT
Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) belongs to the family of Herpesviridae. It can infect a wide range of cells. The lab studies have shown that there is an expansion of γδ T cells during HCMV infection. These cells are abundant in epithelia and play a role in innate and in adaptive immunity. Their TCR is unrestricted to HLA-I molecules contrary to CD8 T cells. However, HCMV decrease the expression of HLA-I that inhibits specifically the activation of CD8 T cells and allows the escape of the virus. The overall objective of my project is to understand how γδ T cells is influenced by the modulation of HLA. During my internship, I will work on the CD85jreceptor (LIR-1) expressed by γδ T cells to study the role of this receptor in the regulation of γδ T cells activation after HCMV infection.

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