Who am I ? ► link to a short CV
I obtained my master degree in Immunology and Microbiology from the University of Bordeaux in june 2016.

My projects in Immuno ConcEpT
I did a 6 months internship during the second year of Master in ImmunoConcEpT,  in the Déchanet-Merville’s group,  under the supervision of Maria Mamani Matsuda. The aim of my project was to test the capability of gamma-delta T cells (Vg9Vd2 subpopulation) to present antigens from Plasmodium falciparum to alpha-beta T cells.

My current project
I currently work as engineer (“assistant ingénieur”) in cell biology at the IRSET – UMR Inserm 1085, Faculty of Pharmacy, University Rennes1, France.

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