Jonathan SHOLL

Who am I ?

    • I am a philosopher of medicine, biology and science currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at Bordeaux University. In 2014, I earned my PhD from KU Leuven (Belgium) working on the concepts of health and disease and the philosophy of Georges Canguilhem, before doing a post-doctorate also at Leuven about the concept of medicalization in medical sociology. From September 2016 to June 2020, I was an assistant professor of medical philosophy at Aarhus University (Denmark) where I taught to both philosophy and medical students.

What is my research?

My research background has primarily focused on how to use the physiological and biological sciences to help clarify the concepts of health and disease. My general aim has been to try to develop a theory of health based on these sciences. I have done research on evolutionary biology, systems biology/physiology (e.g. the notions of robustness, plasticity, resilience, allostasis), on biogerontology (e.g. homeodynamics, hormesis), and am now getting further into immunology and microbiology.

One of my current projects involves looking at recent research into how human microbiota shape the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies. I am interested in how microbiota-host-cancer relations alter the way we think about and treat cancer, e.g. broadening the focus on tissue microenvironments to include the various complexities of microbe-host, host-microbe, and microbe-microbe networks.

In the near future, I would like to further explore the nature of cancer and the implications of network medicine for cancer treatment. I am also interested in developing a philosophy of nutrition research, especially as it pertains to cancer and longevity.

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