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Director of the research lab ImmunoConcEpT
Director of the core facility TransBioMed Core

I have a PhD in human Immunology, I am employed by the CNRS as a Research Director and I lead a research team in Bordeaux since 2001.

> My Research Projects
Our research is exploring the biology of gamma-delta T cells to understand how these cells are participating to human body integrity. Our basic investigations aim to define how these cells are activated and what are their functions, particularly in immune defenses against infectious diseases and cancer as well as in the context of organ transplantation. To address these questions, we developed approaches to isolate and grow human gamma-delta T cells, to identify the molecular patterns they recognize on target cells and to analyze their immune functions in vitro or in vivo using appropriate animal models and patient cohorts.

> Other:
Member of the academic council of Bordeaux University
Member of the Biology and Health doctoral school scientific committee

> E-mail me here: jdechanet@immuconcept.org

> Additional contact data:
office: +33 (0) 557 571 470
mobile: +33 (0) 608 703 935
assistant: +33 (0) 557 579 246

 > Scientific networks: https://www.facebook.com/gammadeltaForum/

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