Maria Mamani Matsuda

> Who am I ?

I am a researcher of the Déchanet’s group, interested in immune response to infections.

I am also Professor of Immunology in the faculty of Pharmacy, University of Bordeaux.

> My projects

The main core of my work has been focused on immune response to parasite infections: macrophage response to Trypanosoma, Leishmania, Toxoplasma and gamma-delta T cell stimulation by Plasmodium falciparum. My past projects explored the cytotoxic and antigen presenting cell role of gamma-delta T cells.

Currently, together with Drs Julien Goret and Antoine Dewitte, we study innate immunity aspects of Sepsis: clearance of NETs, monocyte dysregulation, platelet activation, gamma-delta T cells roles.

> E-mail me here:

> Networks: Research Gate, Loop, Nature Microbiology, Viadeo

> Follow me on Twitter: @MrmmMaria

> ORCID id: 0000-0002-9616-3095

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