Martin ZACH

Who am I ?

I am a PhD student at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Prague). My supervisors are Ladislav Kvasz and Roman Frigg. I am also a researcher at the Department of Analytic Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences. Previously I was a visiting researcher at London School of Economics (Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science) and at University of Helsinki (Centre for Philosophy of Social Science, ‘TINT’).

What is my research project ?

My research addresses a number of questions related to the practice of scientific modeling. These include questions such as what are models? How should we account for the use of various simplying assumptions employed in model-building? I am especially interested in the current practices in biomedical research: the development of new animal models for cancer immunotherapy research, or the ways in which mathematical and diagrammatic modeling connects with the use of material

What is my research project ?



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