Who am I ?

Dr. Maya Saleh obtained her Ph. D. in 2001 from the Department of Biochemistry at McGill University studying mechanisms of transcriptional regulation. In 2002, Dr. Saleh joined Merck Research Laboratories and in 2004 moved to the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in California where her post-doctoral research investigated mechanisms of apoptosis and innate immunity in host defense against bacterial infections. Dr. Saleh joined the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University from 2005 to 2019 where she acted as the Director of the Inflammation and Cancer Program and Full Professor of Medicine. In 2019, Dr. Saleh was recruited to Bordeaux University to head Oncoimmunology research through an ARC Foundation leader in Oncology recruitment award and an IDEX Bordeaux Senior Chair.

> My work

Dr. Saleh’s research focuses on the basis of self-nonself/altered-self discrimination by the innate immune system, and the complex genetic and molecular mechanisms used by intracellular pattern recognition receptors to sense microbial products or host-derived danger signals. Her research program has contributed to the inflammasome field and has implicated the inflammasome in several infectious and inflammatory diseases. Her group has undertaken genomic systems biology approaches, proteomics and large-scale genome-wide RNA interference screens to identify novel caspase-1 cellular substrates and elucidate the molecular networks that regulate innate immunity. The Saleh lab has also demonstrated a critical function of the inflammasome in intestinal homeostasis and protection from colitis and colorectal cancer. Dr. Saleh’s team is currently focused on the role of the crosstalk between the innate immune system and the microbiota in intestinal homeostasis, immune tolerance, and chronic inflammatory diseases. In parallel, the Saleh laboratory is exploring the innate immune and metabolic determinants of the response to cancer immunotherapies.

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