Vanja Sisirak awarded by the American Cancer Research Institute

Dr. Vanja Sisirak from the ImmunoConcEpT laboratory was recently awarded a Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP) grant from the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) ( The CRI is an American foundation based in New York that is providing continuous world wide support in the field of cancer immunotherapy research and clinical trials. The support from the CRI has been instrumental for the establishment of major breakthrough in cancer immunotherapies that led impressive clinical results in all type of cancers. The CLIP grant ( is meant to provide catalytic support for translational research designed to answer specific scientific questions that arise in the clinic with a special focus on improving immunotherapy for cancer patients. The project of Dr. Sisirak that was supported by this award aims at “studying in vivo the mechanisms that regulate tumor-derived DNA immunogenicity during the process of cancer immunosurveillance”. Particularly the team of Dr. Sisirak is investigating ways to increase the ability of tumor-derived DNA to stimulate spontaneous anti-tumor immune responses and to “boost” the efficacy of current checkpoint inhibitor-based immunotherapies. This support will be instrumental in the achievement of this goal as well as in the initiation of Dr. Sisirak independent research career.


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